Nothing will stay perfect forever, especially if it is subjected to the outdoor elements. Pavers are no different. Over time, pavers will shift and settle causing the surface to become unstable and loose. In addition, a non-level surface can hold water speeding up the deterioration process. At Paver Clinic, we offer paver repair services to help ease your mind. As an experienced paver repair contractor, we replace broken pavers, lift settled areas and replace cement borders, among other paver repair services.

We know that neglecting paver problems will only make it worse, and possibly may result in a complete paver replacement. Also, sinking, uneven and collapsing pavers are a danger to you, your loved ones, and your tenants. This is why we are at your service for all your paver repairing needs. After repairs are made, we also offer cleaning, joint re-sanding, and sealing services.


Paver Clinic is your number one choice for professional restoration services. We provide professional pressure cleaning, sealing, joint re-sanding and other hardscape products.

Our services are offered both for our residential and commercial clients. Fully licensed and insured.


Looking to install new pavers for your house? For your business? For your building? We can help!

From driveways, patios, walkways, office buildings, the creative team at Paver Clinic has you covered from design to installation and maintenance.


Our vision is to establish Paver Clinic as one of region’s premier paver installation, repair and restoration provider in South Florida with the capability to compete and perform among the best in the industry. We are the specialized South Florida full-service Paver company that takes the time to repair, install and restore your patios, driveways and pools with your needs and renovation budget in mind.


Paver Clinic is a family-owned, ethics-driven company that provides residential and commercial paver installation, repair and restoration to the South Florida market. Our core values are honesty, passion, and integrity. With more than 15 years of experience, our long-standing commitment to customer service and satisfaction manifests itself in everything we do. “Respect and honesty are values that seem to be forgotten; but yet, they are the very essence of what it set us humans apart from animals.” – Marcelo, PaverClinic’s CEO


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