Having pavers on your driveway, patio or pool area is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.
Pavers will increase the value of your home and will make it shine with beauty and style, unlike asphalt and concrete alternatives. But pavers are no different than other materials in the sense that they do still require some maintenance and care. To help you with this task, here are 5 important tips to help improve and preserve the beauty of your paver surface.

1- Keep those little “six legged fellas” out of there: 
Ants are one of the top five enemies of your pavers. Ants will always do what they do best; dig. They will work through the joints and the sand bedding, ultimately loosening your pavers. If it is a driveway, the weight of your vehicles will rapidly worsen the condition. Be on the look out for ants and spray them as soon as they appear. If you fight them, they will eventually seek out a “safer” territory.

2- Weeds don’t know the difference:
Weeds will grow everywhere, if you let them. The sand under and between your pavers will be an opportunity for their survival. They will slowly but surely cause the same damage as those pesky little ants. Spraying weed-killers monthly will keep your pavers secured to the ground.

3- Knowledge and experience are your most powerful tools:
Pressure cleaning your pavers without the proper tools and knowledge could cause permanent damage to the paved surface.
Having a powerful machine without the experience could cause discoloration, leave permanent marks or completely undermine your pavers. If you are not fully experienced, you may be better off leaving this task to a professional.

4- It’s easier to repair grass than pavers:
Heavy delivery trucks or dumpsters could also damage your pavers. If you are remodeling your home and need to bring a dumpster, please keep in mind that replacing your grass is easier, not to mention cheaper, than replacing your pavers. Talk to your contractors and delivery drivers and ask them to stay clear of your pavers.  

5- Sealing is healing:
South Florida weather will have no mercy on your pavers. Sun and rain may cause discoloration and make your pavers more porous, creating an opportunity for stains to penetrate deep past the surface. Once the stain penetrates into the paver it is practically impossible to get it out. Sealing your driveway, patio or pool area once a year will preserve the rich color and will create a barrier against any type of stain.

Remember, your home is not just a house, it is also an investment. These five practical tips will help to make your home a more desirable place to live and will also increase the value of your investment.  

Marcelo Bolognese



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